Can I place an order for something I don’t see on your menu?

  • Of course, you can! Custom orders are our thing! Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll try our very best to make it happen if we can.


How far in advance should I place a custom order?

  • 1-2 weeks’ notice is preferable. We do require a minimum of 48 hours notice for all custom orders.


I’d like a custom order for a later date. Do I need to pay up front?

  • We do require a 50% non-refundable deposit for orders of $100.00 or larger. The remaining balance is due upon pick up.


I scheduled my custom order for 10am. Can I come sooner?

  • We ask for a specific time, so we can insure that each order is ready when requested. Please call to ask if your order is ready before the scheduled pick up time.


Can I choose more than one flavor option in my cake?

  • This option is typically reserved for our large wedding cakes.


Can you match the colors of our event?

  • We can try! We try to match colors as best we can. Providing a fabric swatch is ideal.
  • Colors may darken or change over time.
  • Shades of blue are particularly difficult to reproduce.


Do you make anything gluten free?

  • We make a few items that happen to be MADE WITHOUT GLUTEN. Please keep in mind that these items are made in the same space as all of our other items that contain gluten. We cannot guarantee that there will not be cross-contamination.


Should I refrigerate my custom cake?

  • Depending on the cake flavor and fillings, some cakes may be ok to leave out. If your cake needs refrigeration, we recommend leaving it out at room temperature AT LEAST 1 hour before serving. Feel free to ask us if you have questions.


Do you deliver?

  • No. The only delivery service we offer is for weddings. Please see our wedding information for more delivery details.


Do you ship orders?

  • No. Since we are committed to producing quality products, we have chosen not to ship our items. We prefer our guests to enjoy our baked goods fresh from the bakery!


How often does your menu change?

  • We love to offer our guests variety. We change our items daily, weekly, and seasonally. Please visit our menu page for more information.


Do you cater events other than weddings?

  • Yes! Many of the items that we offer daily in the bakery, can be made for an event. Contact us for more information.